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A Post!



Well, yes, it's time again for a word from our sponsor ... me!

I've had a bump this past week; nothing major, but a reminder that there is stuff at stake, that I stand to lose by standing still, even more than by picking a direction and moving.

It hit me hard enough to have me doubting whether my time on the site was well spent. I even spent a few hours "invisible", which I never do.

I think, in part, it comes down to faith, that nebulous friend of hope. I believe in something more important than thought, but how much do I believe? Am I willing to let myself "surrender" to it, "fall back" on it, just let go and let it guide me? I first felt there was something more during meditation. But since becoming convinced that there was something more, I've shied away from going back to experience it. That is, I don't meditate very often; instead, I spend the time thinking about what that "something more" would do ... In other words, I'm afraid to silence the thinking and ask it what it would do, and maybe it's time I start trying that.

Part of me wishes that this post had had a direction, and part of me trusts that it found its way, regardless. :-)


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You're such a wise soul, Mark. You're a good soother too. I always want to talk to you when I'm upset. Don't forget that you can reach out too, and let us support you. I think you should try the meditating again. I hope that you're okay. Take gentle care, my friend.

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