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Feeling Guilty



Why is it that I feel bad for feeling so down? I feel guilty because I am asking for help, Guilty for asking for someone to listen and help me for once. I feel like I dont' deserve to feel this way, so I shouldn't, but I can't make it go away. Talk about a vicious cycle. I feel down, which makes me feel guilty which makes me feel even more down.

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I really undestand what you are talking about CB... I hate the roller coaster too but what I have learned about it is to stop the roller coaster. Unfortunately though it is to not expect to do anything. The dissapointment is the worst. If I feel better, and go for a few days doing all sorts of things, I know it goes away and it does. So I guess dealing with that disappointment has really done a number on me. So I have shut down, dont do anything, then there is no disappointment.

And I also ask for help then shut it out as well. I guess it is a defense mechanism? Interesting things we learn about oursleves when in a desperate place. Hang in there and try to stop the roller coaster in a healthy way. Whatever works :)

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