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Tired cranky sleepy and sore



I know it sounds like a family reunion at the seven dwarves house but it's just how I feel. I don't know if it's the psych med they put me on or all the other drugs combined with it but blech! :mad: I finally took the last freaking dose of the damn steroid today thank the Goddess. I have been crying and pissed and hitting stuff and then laughing because I hurt myself hitting stuff and then crying because I was laughing that I hurt myself. God if I still lived with my soon to be ex he would be breaking his legs running to get the damn divorce papers:p For the most part I'm only taking my psych drug but the workman's comp doctor said I HAD to take the steroids to get rid of the inflammation in my shoulder so I did and it does feel a little and I stress little better. I just don't like medicine. Once you start taking it then it's all downhill. Oh my you have side effects from this one so take this to take care of it and this to counteract the side effects from the second medication. Wait that didn't work? Well then quit taking this one and take these two and so forth on and on.

I did get my apartment squared away while I was off. I also broke down and let my friend's hubby hook up surround sound and "pimp out" my home entertainment area as he called it. It's very nice but he gave me options I will never use and he synched it all up to one remote. Now I have a remote control that's smarter than I am:D. At least I don't have to call him everyday now to ask how do I get my stero on or how do I get the blu-ray player to play. I have most of it memorized and I made a cheat sheet. I think it was good for him to have something to occupy his time. Plus he helped me paint my bedroom and the bathroom. Well in truth with my shoulder he did all the work I just directed. He was even joking about it felt good to be bossed around by a woman again. Then we both got melancholy thinking about shit. My GF is healing up nicely still gonna have some scars but nothing horrible. The real question is they can heal her body but can anything heal her heart and mind? Wish I knew:(


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