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Chalk one up for the good guys



:( My friend's hubby called me this morning and told me that our work finally got off their ass and got her short term disability pushed through!

Her's was the only income they had because he has an open disability case right now. I guess he's been selling plasma to get the money to pay for her insurance premiums and now he doesn't have to worry about it.

Since she's been with the company 10 years they will pay 70% of her salary for up to 12 months.

And I felt good because I was able to help. :D :D Here we can either have direct deposit or they put your paycheck on a debit card. She has a card and all her back pay will be on it Thursday. The prob was he didn't know her pin# but I do! She's given me her card b4 to go get her lunch so I can help.

Right now he's not real happy because I won't give him the #. I'm torn because I know he's horrible with money it's y she never gave him the # b4.

On the other hand it's not like she's in a position to pay the bills herself. There's not one person in her family except her aunt that's good with money:(.

I know she'll kick my ass 4 giving it to him but what else can I do? I guess I could tell him to give it to her Aunt. She's responsible and the one person my GF looks up to. Oh well I have til Thursday to decide.



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