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Time off



:mad::P:confused:Not sure how I feel but the workman comp doc and the Physical Therapist agree I have to take time off work. I was going to take a vacation anyway before my other job starts up full time but to be forced to take a vacation frys my biscuits! Nothing I can do about it I guess it's a chance to get my apartment in order and get everything squared away. My gf's husband said he would stop by after visiting hours at the hospital a few times to see if I need help lifting anything or putting anything on a shelf etc... It's nice of him and I think it'll help him too. I mean I know for me manual labor is the best thing in the world to take my mind off my problems. I have to go for MRI on Thursday and am scared I don't like tight spaces. Ever noticed that if you tell someone that you have X procedure scheduled they know someone who has had a horrible experience or had one themselves during X? Do they really think that helps allay a person's fears or make them feel better? Oh well no fighting human nature. God I'm off from tommorow until like the 10th or 11th I think Stupid ladder ought to set it on fire and scatter the ashes then melt the hinges and pour it down the sewer!

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Hah, well then, I can help: I had a totally uneventful MRI. I wasn't even aware of the tight space. I just shut my eyes and dozed. It was loud, and a little warm. But nothing scary, just a machine doing its job.

How about, instead of fighting the vacation, see how full you can make it? :-)

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