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Pissed off



Just had a customer that asked me where my GF is because he hadn't seen her in a few months. I had to bite my tongue because my first response/thought was the selfish bitch tried to kill herself so she's in the hospital.

I know I've been sad that's she's been gone and felt guilty. However, until right now I hadn't considered that I've been going through the stages of grief. You'd figure someone who has been in a grief support group and gone through this so so many times would recognize it.

Maybe I was in denial I don't know. All I know is that I'm pissed! How could she be so selfish? How could she know what her husband is going through and pull this shit? Knowing what a hateful bitch her mom can be how could she leave him with her? What about her brother? If she hadn't pulled this stunt he might have already gotten out of the hospital. But no he heard about what happened and tried to kill himself again. How can one person be so irresponsible and uncaring?

I'm done visiting I'm done beating my head against this wall if that's how little she cares for the people around her I'm done.

I know sooner or later I will move past this and I will probably visit or whatever but right now I'm pissed and I'm over it and I'm done.:mad:


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Rationally I know all that but emotionally I want to wring her fucking neck. I can't talk to her because they still have her so sedated it's just ugh!

Her brother didn't successfully try to kill himself he just screwed himself up real bad.

My day sucked I had to put my kitten to sleep. Hope your day went better than mine.

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I just took her in on Thursday or Friday she was a stray and was just starving so I nabbed her. After some tests at the vet's I found out she had a heart defect and FIP. I'm not real sure but FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis) affects the organs I think. It's always fatal so I just had them put her down.

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