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I finally landed a temp job. (Good thing I'm not pregnant, otherwise I'll be out of the job right now).

It's another call center, with lots of young people around me (I feel old when I'm with them, especially when they call me "Mommy," which I hate.)

We're under training right now. So far, everything looks so complicated. I'm scared that I won't be able to handle the job. It's another customer service job with lots of irate customers. I've listened to some sample calls from the other agents and I could hardly understand what they're saying half of the time.

My husband promised he'd look for a call center job as soon as we save up enough money to get his dentures and his remaining teeth fixed. (He always has to hold his dentures in place with his tongue when he talks.)

I wish I'll have better luck in this present job...

It's like everything depends on me right now.

I hate it....


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