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another job---another hell?



Finished the temp job just last New Year's Eve---I'm glad that's over and done with.

But now I have just signed a contract with another call center without thinking it through and now I'm having anxiety attacks left and right, and I haven't even started work!

But then again, that's what you get for making a spur of the moment decision just because you got turned down by a company that you really wanted. Even my husband is not able to help, because he's pissed off at me for not talking to him about it and then expecting him to be all understanding and kind to me.

Well, at least I have you, blog.... I can rant and hurl my excuses at you until daybreak. If I can show you my tears I would too.

Yep, I'm back here, whining. Depression talking? Could be...


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Hi Mom! We missed you.

How enforceable is a contract that you haven't started?

That's one thought. The other, of course, is that there's no reason to believe that it will be the same as the last one.

The way I see it, maybe calling it "whining" is the depression talking. If you're whining, so are a lot of the rest of us ... Does that help? ;-)

I hope it works out well for you.

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Thanks so much, Malign. I missed you guys too! Well, just an update, at least my husband and I are on speaking terms now. Training starts on Monday and I'm so so scared right now. :)

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