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Making Friends



Okay so this sounds weird but I really have trouble making friends. I consider myself to be very easy going, friendly and caring. The friends I do have I hold very near and dear to my heart and would do anything for.

However I have no idea how I made most of my friends. Most of them I thing are just because we have similar childhood circumstances and we bond on that fact. I have no idea how to make friends outside of my childhood circumstances though.

I try, I just feel like I have nothing in common with people, and since I also consider myself a social misfit, I find it very difficult to go into social situations and make conversations with just anyone.

I am lost with what I can do. I don't have much self-esteem or confidence and because of that I have not been able to figure out how to do it yet. I know that if I really want it I can get it, but I must not want it enough. I even have this issue when attempting to find a job. This lacking of self confidence and self esteem really bits me in the butt. UUUUGGGHHH what to do what to do.

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hey hunny just reading up on some of your posts. This particular issue i can fully identify with as i am going through this exact same issue of trying to find a job my self. Ive been seperated from the ex for 5 months and only had 2 interviews both of which i sucked in. I was soo nervous and i was just soo anxious all the way through that i couldnt perform to the best of my ability i let my self down. I feel like such a failiure and have no idea how im ever going to get a job with zero confidense. I go for these jobs that im more than qualified for but then i let my self down and just act like a complete stranger i dont even recognise my self in these interviews im a mumbling ummmmmm freak playing with my hair and looking at anything except the interviewers. Anyways just wanted to let you know that your not alone in your issues not by a long way hunny. What i surgest is asking your close friends to go out regularly once a week and just have fun to build your confidence. Keep looking for a job and when you get interviews practice with your friends get them to ask you interview type questions and practise feeling confident and draw on your own experiences from job other jobs. Just see the interviewers as your friends and just chat to them like there your friends to it will help relaxe you and feel at ease. Im going to practise this next i get an interview and hopefully it will help mwahs xxx

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