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Anxiety and Fear



Today everything just seems to be getting to me.

The report from the relationship expert is coming out today. What will he say?

I recall a conversation I had with him about the base nature of this case. Courting vs grooming. The actions are almost exactly the same, the only real difference is the motive and how does one determine motive? He didn't seem really to understand us and that fuels the flames of my fear.

My trial approaches and today for whatever reason I feel that the odds of me winning are much lower than they have been. I guess based on the inevitable release of the report. There is no time now to do anything else.

I need money. Need to sell more retirement funds. Still no child support and I have no idea when it will be begin. The courts seem far more sympathetic with my ex-wife who has been dragging her feet for three years than for the single father who is unemployed.

My search for legal advice on my human rights cases drags on and huge fees are building up all over. I struggle every day building my human rights case.

Today it just seems unwinable. It all seems such a steep hill that I will never get over.



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Thanks LaLa,

I have been sick, it had been dragging on, I assume due to the stress. I hope it will be over soon. I have not received the report as of yet or really heard any word of it, probably due to the holidays. It has to be soon as there are only three weeks left to prepare. Also still we don't have full disclosure. Makes things more stressful as I have far less idea what we are up against. I m not really expecting any new surprises in the disclosure, but who knows. I really, really hope things don't get delayed again.

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