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My bday : (



Whelpers it's after midnight so it''s my flippin bday:(. At least I'm at work so I can't/won't hurt myself.

Eating a fruit salad I picked up. Have decided I REALLY DO NOT LIKE MELON. Damn thing has too much honey dew and cantaloupe. The pineapple and kiwi is a nice touch. Plus has blueberries and grapes and strawberries and watermelon. Watermelon is a good melon forgot about that. Plus I have a banana trying to eat something healthy.

Irony is wanting to die and eating healthy to take care of yourself.:) What the fuck is the point right? Sooner or later I'll take one drink too many with one pill too many and oopsy.

My GF still hasn't talked did attempt to chew her wrist open because they tried taking off the wrist restraints. Fuck it y don't they just let her and get it over with? If you can't even take restraints off then what do they think will happen when they let her out? Just give her a bottle of pills and make her happy.:confused:

Her hubby is hurt because I never did try pissing her off. He thought it might get to her. There's no good way to explain that right now I just don't give a fuck not right now.

Pointless all of it breathing eating everything

happy fucking birthday to me


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Oh Sweetsara - happy birthday ... even if it isn't happy, that's ok. I'll eat the melon - I love all kinds of melon. I hope things cheer up a little for you. Leak it to someone that it's your birthday, it'll give people an opportunity to be nice to you today?

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Hey Sweetsara,

Birthdays are only a day, just like any other. Eat, sleep and try to be merry!!. It does stink that you feel like this on your day. I hope it went decent anyway. Sometimes all that matters is that you made it through the day, and that day was rather uneventful. I hope that someone called to wish you the best, and I hope that someone was nice to you and that your special day was not forgotten about. It is one thing to not care about your birthday, it is another to not have anyone else acknowledge it. So although it is late. I will say it again, Have a Sad and Melancholy Birthday, look for some Blueberries, shove them up your nose, look in the mirror and laugh!! Happy Birthday. (That is supposed to be a joke)

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Thanks you guys and I'm more than happy to share the melon :D

My soon-to-be-Ex called and wished me a happy bday. Glad we can get along now and be social. I knew you were joking about the blueberries. I've put straws in my nose to make someone else laugh but never blueberries. Note to self to try that:p

Went to bed fine woke up sick again. Ever since they had me in the hospital it seems like this crap keeps recurring. I'm running out of sick days so they need to fix this ASAP.

Wonder if being so depressed lately is lowering my immune system? If it is then wow isn't that just the gift that keeps giving:rolleyes:

Thanks again for the birthday wishes. I don't know if it will ever be a happy day again but it's nice to have it acknowleged.

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