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Day Off



Hello, bloggy.

It was kinda weird. Yesterday morning early, my Dad called me and asked me to visit him that evening. I suggested 7 pm, and he said, no, it would be better if I could come earlier, say at 6. So I agreed. He didn't say what he needed, but I knew he had a cold.

It was also icy yesterday morning, and there were other divorce-related things I could do, so I ended up deciding to take the day off sick.

Then, around 11, Dad called to say he was going to the hospital! I mean, I knew he had been sick, but he didn't hint that it was anything like that bad ... So, I met him in the Emergency Room, and my brother, who was an ER nurse for a decade or so, made the two-hour drive up to join us. Dad had pneumonia, and there was a sign that maybe he'd had some heart damage from the extra work it had to do. But there he was, sitting up, alert and grumpy as usual, looking approximately average for an 86-year-old. Anyway, we got him set up in a room for the night to watch his heart, and left about 6 or so.

It's odd that I chose to take the day off, when I had no way to know how much I would need it.

As for my Dad, all his tests overnight came back negative for heart damage, so they moved him to a room where they can watch the pneumonia. I'll be going back to see him this evening.

And when I opened my e-mail this morning, it turns out that my wife wrote me that she had moved out of the house, the "marital domicile", and that I could therefore go check on it freely. That was one of the divorce things that I was supposed to ask her about, yesterday ...

It's just a bit of weird synchronicity, I guess.


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Synchronicity happens! :-) I’m glad it worked out. Best of luck to your Dad with the pneumonia.

Are you going to sell the house? Are you going to move back in, until you sell it?

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Thank you all.

Dad spent a second night at the hospital, but just to watch his pneumonia. He had a rough night (powerful antibiotics will do a number on a person's bowels), but I think they're sending him home (back to the nursing home where he lives, but down in the medical ward until he's feeling better.) Dad clearly sees getting out the hospital as victory, so that might have influenced the timing. ;-)

My brother's coming up for the afternoon, and I'll visit again tonight.

As for the house, "Probably", on both. It'll have to wait for me to see it, and for things to settle a little. My lease is through April, but if the house stays vacant, I could move and see about terminating the lease early. The insurance is probably going to require someone to be living there, for one thing ...

At this point, I'm taking just baby steps and trying not to soil my diapers. ;-)

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