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Weather and Fatigue



I know I skipped another day here. This is turning into a blog to apologize for when that happens ...

Anyway, Wednesday night was what they call a "trip". A ten-hour trip from my work to home.

I left at 6, clearly a mistake. It had been snowing for an hour. But we moved fairly well for the first hour of the trip, slowly but with no incidents. Then we stopped. Seven hours later I had traveled less than three miles further.

The snow fell fast and wet, and apparently, several trees fell over onto the Beltway. The snow stopped about 10:30, but on we sat. Eventually, around 2:30 am Thursday, things started to move. It was still slippery, and we had to zigzag around stalled cars and trucks, and the remaining bits of tree. It took another hour and a half, but I finally got home about 4 am Thursday morning. I rammed through a plow-bank into an empty parking space, got stuck, and after verifying that I was out of the traffic lane, just went up to bed.

So, obviously, I didn't go to work Thursday. After about five hours of sleep, I got up and "worked from home". That allowed me to shovel way more snow than was good for me, but I expected to get out to work today.

Only the car wouldn't start. So I did the same thing as yesterday.

Except that this afternoon, I overcame my fatigue over people's behavior and logged on. Now I'm caught up again.

I apologize to those I left to clean up. I just wasn't up to it.


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