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Thank You



Scoliosis of the spine, a pinched nerve in my upper back and a bulging disc also in my back. I would like to thank the wonderful person who caused the bulging disc that has been an aweful pain in the neck (pardon the pun) for way to many years, and most recently the source of many headaches over the last few months. Thank You Mother!!! Thank you for slamming your foot into my head sending me flying in to the wall behind me. Thank you for being unable to control your anger, and for taking it out on me. Thank you for enabling me to endure constant pain for the rest of my life, because you were a selfish inconsiderate bitch who does not deserve the title of Mom. Thank you Mother for not knowing the true meaning of unconditional love, and showing me what it is like to live in constant fear. Thank you mother for taking my childhood away from me. Thank you for being so aweful to me that my father felt the need to protect me, which led to more loss of innocence. Thank you for humiliating me in front of my brothers and sisters, thank you for making fun of me, and making me feel that I am not a worthy person. Thank you mother for bringing me into the world, and than making every moment of the first 14 years nearly unliveable. Thank you for making me realize that their really are monsters in this world.

But also thank you for showing me that although there are monsters there are also nice people who care. Thank you for enabling me to make a choice on my own that you are not suitable for me, but someone is. Thank you for allowing me (through no help of your own) to meet the wonderful people in my life who are a bright shinning star in a dark cloudy sky. A ray of hope when all else fails. Thank you for allowing me to see how strong I can be, and that I can over come anything. Thank you for forcing all of this in my face so I have no choice but to acknowledge it. But most of all thank you for all the pain I will have to endure for most of my life because of the stupid things you did.


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