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Well we are almost there.

I got the report and spoke to my Lawyer yesterday and also got to see my partner :(

The report to me is pretty positive. The expert personally has a bias against this kind of relationship and states that in his report. Still he can find nothing wrong with the relationship. He mostly says he has concerns, but they are not supported by anything other than age and emotional issues.

The defense will be honesty and openness. I will take the stand and finally be able to speak in my own defense. I am happy about that, but I am still scared. I know I could be found guilty, I don't think I will, but it is a real possibility.

That being said my Lawyer says he feels good about the trial. He can't give me any odds, because as he said there are too many levels of abstraction in this law and case.

He believes me and my partner are personable and come across as intelligent and honest and that will help us.

Tomorrow it begins.


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I will try to post every evening. The trial is scheduled for 4 days. I will be over on the 31st, but my lawyer told my girlfriend we will not likely have a verdict for a while after that.

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