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Short Update



Well, my brother advised me to make job searching a priority. I'd been trying to deal with divorce stuff exclusively, but that's not realistic, the way things are going.

I wasn't able to put my half of the mortgage into the joint account in time, so I'll have to do some running around tomorrow to take care of that immediate concern.

And my wife would rather negotiate who's going to leave than who's going to pay. I can't see how that will work.

Still, there was an interesting article here today, about breaking tasks up to avoid getting bogged down. Now, I'm among the best at making mountains from molehills, so I got a lot out of it.


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Oh, sorry, I guess I thought that I had mentioned it: work has been having layoffs, and it looks like those will continue, and there aren't that many other people left.

I just don't want to be out of work along with the rest of the financial worries.

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