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Tired but good



Last night took lowest dose of SQ since starting - 1.75 pills. Also took some natural supplement for sleep with valerian and hops. Had a hard time falling asleep and woke early, approx 10pm-4:30, but when I woke up the valerian stuff was still working which allowed me to roll over for about another hour.

Feel physically tired but my brain feels much less foggy than yesterday. I am so stoked to start getting my brain back. It is not mania as my impulse control is still firmly in place. Unfortunately hands just started shaking, which I'm hoping will go away when I'm off this crap. For the fatigue it is going to be tempting to go back up on the SQ for sleep over the weekend but I need to develop an ability to work to a long term perspective. If I'm not feeling any bounce back today then will go with 1.75 again tonight and hopefully get down to 1.5 over the weekend.


In PM brain fog started to come back. It feels very much like a hangover in that I don't want to think or move. Managed to do 2 problems bass-ackward in class (solved for the wrong variable) & got laughed at for the second one. I recovered though by just using solver to revert to the correct variable. I wonder what kind of score I would get on the GMAT now. I scored in 95th %ile when I took it but it feels like my quantitative reasoning is just beyond my reach.

I'm finished with classes for the week but have to work tomorrow. Going to see if just taking a break to do nothing helps at all.

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No the med is making my concentration problems worse and messing with my memory as well. Where it does help is to give me apathy, so at least I won't care that I'm failing. That is not a good outcome for me which is why I say the med made my problems worse over time.

I hope your essay turned out well.

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