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Good morning, rough afternoon



Last night took only 75mg of SQ and maybe a little half mg of Xanax from an old prescription to help sleep. Holy crap was that overkill. I probably didn't really need anything to sleep.

Morning was groggy but I felt more... alive for lack of a better way to put it. Integrating concepts seemed easier than before starting the SQ and my emotions felt like real experiences rather than detached evaluations. That didn't last.

By about 2 PM started feeling shaky around fine motor control as if movements were under control, but exaggerated. Now my emotions have flattened again and I feel almost entirely detached. Going to throw myself into work to see if accomplishing something will help.

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Hi sedsed, i really appreciate you checking in.

Weekend has been active to say the least. I got more done than I usually do but still a bit behind. Overall pretty good because I am being more social which is a new skill and learning new skills is a lot of fun.

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