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Getting it together



First time in a while I made it through getting dressed without making myself late. Feel more sleepy; it would be easy for me to just climb back into bed right now. This is different from the normal sleeping pill type hangover when I feel sluggish & fatigued but not like I could easily doze off.

Wondering if I should drop off the seroquel entirely. Some return of automatic thoughts but I am not taking them as seriously and they seem to die down. Hands shaking, weird twitch in left thigh, a tiny muscle on the outside of my quadricep keeps pulsing. I've had this happen in my back and shoulders before but not on the leg. Not painful, but distracting. Muscles in general seem to want to shake if I try to use them but if I sit still then only fingers shake. It is easier to move than to stay still.

Looks like I'm going to be on time to class today. :(

Was more patient with myself this morning. Need to remember that change needs to start with acceptance of the current state even though it is suboptimal.


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