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Off my meds and mildly tripping



Yeah so in my infinite wisdom last night I decided I'll just go to bed without taking anything whatsoever. According to the clock I got about 40 minutes of sleep.

Um, I don't know how bad this is for my health but aside from the nausea, seroquel withdrawal is interesting. If it's not torching my organs this could be an interesting form of recreation every so often. Definitely not a regular basis thing though. I feel paper thin and really Much like the beginning of a mushroom trip. I've had a few muscle twitches which I am going to optimistically assume is not that tardive dyskinesia thing. The visuals are most interesting on the computer screen. Not seeing anything from whole cloth but the smilies up to the right are changing colors every so often and I know they are not animated, but they're moving for me. :cool:

Any large blocks of white or gray on the screen are pulsing with clouds of very faint pinks, purples, and blues. Oh and the walls are breathing. Pretty much any flat surface is pulsing and any small object that should be stationary is dancing around. If I close my eyes. Just took pulse & came in at 97 bpm. I'm sitting down - it probably shouldn't be that fast.


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