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A ordinary Jane Doe ~ with hopes of that Fairy Tale ending



Do you believe in fairies? I read once when I were small.

Dont ask me from what book, I simply cant recall.

I remember thinking to myself, Yes, Yes I do !!!

Never doubted for a second, for I knew it to be true.

Well I read and read, time and time again

Stories and fables, that in my heart still remain

Tales of Kings, Queens, the rich and the poor

Each searching for a life, that they can enjoy once more

In a way I see my life as a fairy tale

Except, obviously on a smaller scale

Im no princess, certainly I aint no Queen.

That "happy ever after ending", remains to be seen.

A story that gets written, as my days unfold.

No doubt full of times, never to be told.

In search of a life thats happy to just "be"

My fairy tale ending - one written just for me.


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Guest GingerSnap


Sue: ***** That's a 5 star poem. Really it is lovely, thank you. I knew you had it in you. Kind of sounds like the real you is coming back to us. I think the ending (fairy tale or not - yes, we can agree to disagree) is written for all of us and in the end. except for truly evil people (you are not one, never even close), we do see it all come together for the better. I was thinking the path is "over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go" and you know that must have been a rough trip but the ending was worth it. All of my best, Cathy

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