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Don't You Get It



When you have got to the point where nothing you say or feels matters anymore you know that you are at the end. I'm thrilled my daughter is in remission so that again I have something to be greatful for. But I feel now that she is better that I now can go my merry way on letting go. I don't think that my life is going nowhere but exisiting day to day like I'm sure alot of people are the same way but, I have gone on to long feeling this way and it's to the breaking point where what is the purpose? My daughter is still disabled all her life but the major hurdle is over hopefully. I just can't do anything but cry or be so angry that I don't care what I say or who I hurt. The new therapist I saw for maybe 15 minutes is saying do this and do that has no idea what or who I'm about. No concept on how much money I make she thinks anybody can do anything no matter what the cost. Sorry to say wasn't impressed for the first visit not even able to say a damn thing! I hate this crap.


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Im sorry things are so harsh Leo :)

How comes your appointment with the therapist was so short ?

If ya need to vent - go for it, sometimes it helps a little.

Were listening, and we do care :o

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I was suppose to see her at 10:30 she was still in with a patient until the time she came out and got me didn't say why no nothing. So I'm thinking of calling her today and say to her what I feel she either likes it or don't how can you tell somebody what to do if you don't even know the person what is wrong with the person. So we shall see!!!!!!!!!!

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Its annoying when your appointments get delayed, and then they dont even appologise for holding you up. Id be pissed too. :)

Maybe calling the therapist is a good idea, but might be best till, you have thought out what you want to say first. :o

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Yeah I better wait to call her Monday because as angry & depressed as I am I don't know what I would say nice or not. Better off to cool down which I'm pretty pissed off so who knows when that will be

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I at this time can just read what you are saying now if I can let things just go it would be nice but, that isn't going to happen. There is only so much anymore I can take. That's why it's hard and I mean very hard right now for me to handle disappointment anymore had to much in my life and see no end to it. So why try anymore?????????

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Why try anymore ?????????

Coz ya dont want the bastards that have made your life hell over the years to win ?

Coz somewhere inside of you - you just know your not capable of giving up ?

Coz for no other reason than things can get better - if not today then maybe tomorrow ?

Coz, your a kind hearted person that has had more than yer fair whack of troubles, and maybe just maybe your luck could be changing ?

Coz - why the hell not keep trying, and show life its wasting its time in tryna push you down. Coz your gonna keep getting right on back up again - each time a little stronger than the last, an eventually life wont be able to push you down.

Coz, well because, in your heart you know your having a rough time, and times can and do change, and one day its gonna be easier for you.

I think that'll do for now :o

Though feel free to ignore what Ive said, I usually do when I say those things to myself :)

please take care :o

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