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I've been worried about you - so Im really pleased to 'see' ya again. :o

Oh, Im glad that college is going ok, are you enjoying it more now ?

My summer is ok - cant really grumble - well I can but I aint going to :o

Its been really rainy here - I love the rain.:D

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i'm sorry i didn't mean to make you worry!

yeah i think so. sometimes i hate it though.

its kinda raining here too. i'm only home from greece so i kinda miss it being sunny.. :o|

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today is the longest day ever and i have a headache and i'm tired but i can't sleep coz i'm too hot even though the house is cold :o|

my feelings are all confused. they were very confused in greece.

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Hi sue and sedsed :o)

just my feelings. i keep feeling really angry for no reason and its scaring me. it happened lots when i was on holidays and it was so hard to try hide it because it felt really intense. i think im confused coz i don't usually feel this way and i dont know why i am now and i feel like a bad person.

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Well from what I know of you lil big sis your not a bad person :o

Sorry your feeling angry though hun. Is there maybe something you can do to let some of that anger out ?

Did you have work today ?

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