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Disjoint Thoughts



Sea turtle thinks: I don't "choose" to be part of life's cycles, they're a part of me.

Pufferfish thinks: I know my threat is empty, but maybe the other guy doesn't.

Caretaker thinks: I have to; it's for your own good.

Victim thinks: Why me? What did I do?

Mirror thinks: I returned all you gave me. Where's mine?

Ghost thinks: I had it all and didn't use it. I lost it all and now I can't.

Hatred thinks: You deserve it as much as I did.

Loneliness thinks: I'm the only one who feels this way.

God thinks: Peace, my children. There's more to it than that.


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Theres a little sis - that cannot think presently.....

But she reaches out her arms to her big brother, and sends her love, and gives thanks to maligns Sea Turtle, Puffer Fish, Caretaker, Vicitm, Mirror, Ghost, Hatred, Loneliness, and finally to maligns God. For they are all parts of her big bro, and without all of these parts, her brother simply wouldnt be the person that he is.....

I love you big bro, Mark, malign - We all do :o

I may not have the right words, or be able to express myself in the way of most. But I'm so proud to have you as my Big Bro, trusted friend and Angel.

Someday I hope your disjointed thoughts merge and become a whole, all working toward the same goal.

Wishing you peace, health, and happiness :o


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Thank you for caring for me, ladies.

I'm not sure that each of these voices are part of me, personally. They're just snatches I "heard" when I went looking for voices of the world.

It's just writing. It comes from me, and it comes to me. Something I felt, that felt like it should be said.

I don't know; it's like explaining chocolate to somebody, instead of letting them taste it ...

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I like spinach (not so much from a can, though.) I had a spinach salad with dinner last night, in fact.

You know I'm going to have to revert to my own hideous countenance, soon though: at least I own the copyright. ;-)

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