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I have to admit it's getting better



Today found a good coping mechanism in cleaning the house from top to bottom. The kind of cleaning that works up a sweat and requires a dust mask because of how many dust bunnies are being kicked up from behind major appliances.

When I got into it, I was just getting sh*t done and completely stopped worrying or anything. I was single-mindedly removing dust from the house which was mindless, physical, and gave me a sense of accomplishing something. I was not feeling so hot when I started but when I was done I felt great. Better than after a workout. Luckily for me I have a ton of cleaning left to do and get tons of dust so this could be a win-win in cleaner house and a way to combat anxiety. Of course it may or may not work again in the future, but today felt pretty good so I'll take that and what happens later will be what it will be.


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I also like house-work because it helps to re-focus in a good way!

it may or may not work again in the future

Don't worry - there are also other types of house-work which help, not only dust-removing, so if this becomes borring, there are oter possibilities of this kind :D...

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I am noticing that. I am getting ready to move so trying to do a really thorough cleaning and the more I do, the more I find that needs to be done. The opportunities are endless.... :D

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