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It hurts. I know I'm supposed to do something, but I can't remember what it is. Good frames won't save bad paintings, just like when beautiful people drive ugly cars. Beyond good and evil, exhaustion sets in. What is left but to hope nothing hits the paper thin.


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Approximation is putting it mildly. Our perceptions are not reality but they are our reality. Then we try to put words on it. I prefer math. Numbers at least tell you when information is lost.

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Oddly, I almost included a very similar line about math in my previous comment. I've said the same thing before. The beauty of math is there are right and wrong answers and ways to tell which are which. Math is a language in which things can be said perfectly. The drawback though is that it is still an approximation of our reality. Math is something we lay on top of reality as a tool to understand and make predictions, but it will still never perfectly describe the reality.

Art is another form of expressing and relaying information. Sometimes a song will say things much better than a bunch of words. There is something to the old addage "a picture is worth a thousand words" because an image can express what a thousand words cannot. I also do a lot of fiction writing and i've found that sometimes simply telling a story allows me to say something that couldn't have been said any other way--the actions and interactions of the characters are where the information lies, and not just in the words.

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