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Our lady of perpetual confusion



Some things are clicking for me. Setting goals finally. Scary because I don't know what getting old will be like after having been on all these various meds. I guess it doesn't help to worry about it though; what happens happens. This is big progress because I couldn't even think about this before. Now it's like pieces fall into place in my brain where as before they were spinning too fast for me to put any two thoughts together, like an engine at high RPMs but stuck in neutral - you don't want to shift into gear until the RPMs go down.

I'm having a confidence problem at work. I overloaded myself and now I'm disappointing everybody who has given me a deadline so far. It's Friday though, so next week I'll dust myself off and try again. Hopefully this weekend I'll figure out how to reset expectations and come up with something that can be delivered on.


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Ralph, you can see and feel the clarity and common sense in your blogs, where overloading ones-self at work, can turn into a full-blown episode,you were able to make a sound and reasonable judgement about this, and formulate a plan to correct, and how you wish to conduct yourself to put your plan into motion, with positive results.

I enjoy reading your blogs, thanx. Keep it up!


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