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was thinking...



i was thinking and well... i realize that well...

i can't understand the whole concept of love at all. i get the dictionary definition, but what it really is i have no idea.

this emotion in me is messed up i guess since i really don't think i feel it at all. i don't think that what i used to call love is really love.

not sure what it counts as, but its not love.

yet another thing i'm going to have to try to work out.........

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I think that one word does not capture it. However, I have heard of the one word that is it's opposite: FEAR. That would imply that if you are constantly fearful, it would be very hard to feel love. As to what love IS, I think it can be many things: gratitude, appreciation, forgiveness, positive energy, passion, joy, empathy, compassion, acceptance. I think that if one can bring these things into their life, they will experience love. But i think the prerequisite is that you direct these things towards yourself as well as others. If you leave yourself out, it won't work.

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