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Day 30



Finally made it, provided I don't drink tonight. Original goal achieved. Much harder than I thought it would be. Ambivalent about staying sober. Kind of want to take a break, but unsure where that would lead. Also want to see how long I can stretch this out. Can I make it 35 days? 40? 60? It feels good to accomplish a feat of self discipline. OTOH it is hard to have a social life and avoid those environments where others are drinking and where I used to drink. During the day it's better, but at night it gets difficult. Yet if I give in now how long will that "break" be?

I don't think I'm capable of moderating. I don't drink to drink moderately. I drink to get blasted. I guess I could always take a break later. Using my procrastination to fight addiction. It could be worse :cool:

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Hmm...I too may able to employ this procrastination technique...I have been honing it to near perfection for 30 years!

Congrats on 30 days

Here's to livin single, drinkin double, and sleepin triple. Well...lets say thinking double from here in. 2x faster, clearer, wiser.

Good job Ralph =)

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