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float on



Today felt great. Think the med is working now. Whatever it is my brain is working for a change. I can connect thoughts and be creative. First time in a few weeks. Meds don't do much for anxiety, and I am fairly irritable despite being in a good mood, that is, I am happy but minor annoyances get disproportionate attention. Still have to manage that with CBT tools however relief from depression allows me to step back and work with my anxiety instead of giving in right away.

Anyway I'm happy just to be alive. I can enjoy simple pleasures. I can laugh. I caught myself doing that and realized I hadn't had a genuine laugh for a while now. I can smile without forcing it. It's not panic inducing to be out of the house.

Made a little more progress on the song. Got the first verse part about halfway down. Still sober too, got 7 whole weeks down. Aware of overconfidence trap as I have done that before. Trying to figure out what I should do for 60 days if I make it. Been thinking about an iPad for a while now just because I need the scheduling tools and I want the apps so I can play with friends.

Still need to get better at time management and diet/exercise. My place is a mess too, hopefully I will clean it up this weekend.


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Hey Ralph, glad to hear that you're on a good track here. I hope things continue on their course.

I didn't know you played any instruments :eek!:. What do you play? And what song are you learning? It's not "Float On" by Modest Mouse by any chance, is it?

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Thanks guys. I'm not sure how I'll afford one ipad so I don't think I'll have any spares.

MM, my instrument is bass and I'm learning Soul to Squeeze by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Float On by Modest Mouse was my song of the day yesterday. Unshakable optimism that despite bad news something good was on the horizon. The whole CD/Album Good news for people who love bad news is a very deep work taken as a whole.

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Here I thought Blood Sugar Sex Magic was more their new style. Uplift MoFo party plan and Freaky Styley were more funk while Mother's Milk got into hard rock and every release since then has been solidly in the pop section, albeit with Flea and Keidis' signature quirkiness.

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