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Little fluffy clouds



Just jotting a note that I've had 3 panic attacks in the past 2 days. Trigger seems to be trying to work against my procrastination. I've put off certain tasks for so long that I'm somehow scared to approach them. Too much momentum is behind my avoidance and I have to drag myself kicking & screaming to get these items done.

Generally get through it by deep breathing. Haven't taken any "as needed" meds (xanax or Klonopin). However I am taking my symbyax earlier and just hoping I can sleep a lot. Already cut caffeine in half, will try to keep at this level and reduce wellbutrin as well. Think I may run this by pdoc tomorrow just so he knows what I'm doing & why.


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I'm trying to reduce my caffeine too! I have so many things not done, it goes way beyond any list, largely because I have an old house to keep up with and an eccentric sense for "projects." Wonder what an even keel and a steady pace feels like?

Hope your day is ok, Ralph.

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