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Weekend update! 02/06/2012



So I haven't been on the site pretty much all weekend. And I'm happy to say, it has been a pretty good weekend.

Thursday night: I ended up not having to babysit Thursday night, or Friday. So I went to my boyfriend's apartment and stayed the night. This night seemed almost perfect. S and I went to a nice German restaurant and had a delicious meal. After dinner we went to a pet store where he got some new fish for his tank (he's obsessed), I held a super cute ferret, and then we went home. We watched a movie, and went to sleep. It was a good night.

Friday: This was also a pretty good day/night. S had to go to the lab at school and work on some things, so I stayed at the apartment and cleaned up. There's 3 guys living in this 3/3 apartment... so it can get pretty messy at times. I do my best to keep up with it when I can. S came home, we went grocery shopping, and he made us some awesome steaks with sauteed mushrooms, rosemary and tomatoes for dinner. I made the mashed potatoes. Then S' roommate and friend came over. We all watched Fight Club, and had a few drinks. It was nice.

Saturday: Saturday afternoon, Kelly (the lady I babysit for) picked me up from S', and I went to babysit for the day. I could tell she was still very emotional, and didn't want to ask her too many questions. She did end up telling me though, that her husband told her he was completely overwhelmed, and didn't want to be with her anymore. It's really a sad situation, but I can't do much about it except be there for her. The baby was good all day, and S picked me up around 8, and we went back to his place again. Things felt a little tense between us this night for some reason. We didn't have much conversation this night, and it bothered me. We went to lay down in bed, and he came right out and said, "Kayla, sometimes you make me feel like I'm not a good boyfriend." Immediately, I was like, "What??? I constantly feel like I have to guess emotions with you..." We talked about it for a while, and came to the conclusion that we have sort of a communication barrier. We don't tell each other when things are bothering us.. we just keep it to ourselves until it gets so built up, one of us gets upset about it and ends up upsetting the other. We both said we'd work on it, kissed, he told me he loved me, and we had we went to sleep. I slept well knowing things were hopefully going to get a little better, and had finally been talked about.

Sunday: SUPER BOWL!!!!!!! But first, S and I went ice skating! I was so terrible it was ridiculous. S plays roller and ice hockey, so he was obviously awesome at it. I literally just squeezed his hand the entire time. We skated for about an hour, I got a little better towards the end, and definitely want to go again! I'll be a pro soon. :( After ice skating, S and I went back to his apartment and got ready to go to a friends house to watch the Super Bowl. The game was so intense! We had a really good time watching such an exciting game. After that, we went home, and laid down in bed. We talked for about an hour, had sex, talked some more, and went to sleep. It was a good night.

So all in all, my weekend went well. I was happy to get things straightened out with S, and have some fun time with him as well. Next weekend, it's Star Wars 3D! I bet most of the people on here will think I'm completely crazy after I say this, but...... I've never seen any Star Wars movie. There, I said it! lol. So we'll see how it goes this weekend. :o

I hope everyone else had a great super bowl weekend too! What did you all do?


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Thanks, Malign... :)

Those kind of movies are normally much too long for me to sit through. I've never seen any of the Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings movies either, lol. Hopefully I'll be able to sit and watch the whole thing at the theater where I don't feel like I have 3 billion other things going on :(

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Really, it's a mix of all of those things!

Mostly OC stuff though and maybe attention span too. When I'm at home and try to watch a movie, I feel like I have so many other things that need to be done, and I get anxious.

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Well, the bladder thing you can deal with using the 'pause' button ...

For the others, did you say that you're taking some medication for the anxiety/OCD? Once the "organic" need is mitigated somewhat, you can start working on the psychological aspects. At the least, awareness of how one's illness affects their quality of life gives incentive to get better. Then you too can watch Aragorn slay billions of computer-generated orcs with your legs crossed over your bladder, like the rest of us. ;-)

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Yeah, I've been on medication for a long time now, and it has helped dramatically!

My anxiety level will still rise, though when I'm sitting around doing nothing. If I keep myself occupied and doing things, I'm fine. When I watching a movie at home, I could be doing some extra reading for class, or doing laundry, or cooking dinner. When I'm at the theater, I feel more relaxed, because it's like.. an outing or date. However, before taking medication and learning different ways to deal with my OCD, I couldn't go anywhere without it effecting my overall mood and anxiety level. So it has gotten better! :(

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That's great, that you've found meds that make it easier. Of course, now comes the mental work: you have to track down what thought processes distract you while you're doing things you enjoy. Possibly there's a little whisper whose objectivity or realism can be questioned? For instance, is there a value judgment attached to idleness?

Anyhoo, just throwing in stuff that might help. I'm glad you had a good weekend.

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