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sharpening my pencil



After hearing several suggestions for me to begin a BLOG, I've decided to give it a go.

When I was a little kid I loved to draw, color basically anything artsy kept me busy for hours upon hours. One of my all time favorites though out of all the crayons,paints, sand and play doh connect the dots coloring pages were by ultimate favorite. A lot of times it was easy to figure out what the picture would be of but not always. I remember trying really hard to keep my pencil lines straight and to not forget a number. As a kid sometimes these simple basics were hard to adhere to and a weird angle in the connect the dots made it further challenging. The end result though was almost always something really neat a race car, jet, space shuttle having the fun of choosing the colors and personalizing them way cool.

Although I'm not a little kid anymore I really miss the time when problems were easy to solve. Everything seems like one colossally large out of control connect the dots. I keep trying but even a hint at what the entire picture might be isn't there. I wonder if there is even one that can be made.. what if it's like putting a huge puzzle together only to find you can't complete it because pieces are missing.

Anyway, so this is my attempt at maybe helping to connect the dots.


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Hi IrmaJean, :o

I'm just very confused and have a difficult time talking, writing about things that really matter. Sometimes oddly it seems if not said or written maybe than it isn't reality. I know that isn't really so . It's lonely feeling stuck.

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It's good to express yourself, Goliath. I know that this can be difficult and challenging at times. I thought you did just fine. :o Lonely feelings can be painful. I hope you are able to break free from feeling stuck. We're here to support you.

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