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failure report card came



My 3rd quarter grades

Advanced Calculus 96

AP English 92

US History 45

Honors Chemistry 98

Oceanography 92

Technology 94

Phys ED Pass

Well my report card came yesterday and I really suck I did horribly. I've never failed a class before and to have failed so miserably. It's not even like I got a 60 or something which I still would not be happy about but at least it would have ah suppose it doesn't really matter..a fail is just that a fail. It's not as if I didn't know it was coming kind of hoped for the best. I failed my History final which was 60% of my semester grade. I was having a bad day and I never even finished the test. I had asked for a retake but was denied because I had "seen" the test. This is the first semester that I didn't make Honor Roll. I figured my parents would be really disappointed in me however, they seem to be taking it a lot better than I am.

My mom has always put my report cards on the fridge door where it would stay hung until the next comes. I assumed this one wouldn't make the fridge door but late last night I went to raid the fridge and there it was. I can't believe she hung it up. I wanted to rip it down and toss it into the garbage disposal. I've really screwed up.


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Looks like a beautiful report card, Goliath, but that you struggled in one class. Look at all of those 90's! That is awesome. I understand the History mark hurts and you're disappointed, but I hope you can be gentle with yourself too. You did your very best to get the best grade you could. None of us are perfect. (History is not my strength. I likely would have struggled miserably in AP Calculus as well.) Is there a way to make up work in History?

It's great that your parents are supportive, Goliath. Your mom hung the report card up because she is proud, don't you think? I understand that you are focused on the one low mark, but there are many more marks that are high. Can you be proud of yourself for that and also challenge yourself to be okay with imperfection? Having a drive to succeed and do well is wonderful, but I think we also need to know how to take care of ourselves when things don't go perfectly. I hope you won't be so hard on yourself. I think the fact that you care so much and try so hard says a lot more about the person you are than any score in a class could.

Take care.

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But don't you see what your mom was trying to say? She loves and is proud of you, and that's why she hangs your report cards. The actual grades on it are secondary, as long as you did the best you could on that given day.

You think parents hang kindergarten art on the fridge because Picasso is going to learn anything from it? {Okay, pick an artist that doesn't look like they were trying for kindergarten art ...}

Dude, one bad test is just a bad test. That's why the grade for the year is an average ... And you completely skipped over the series of 90's, including AP courses. Maybe you're allowed to take those for granted, but no one else does.

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Thanks IrmaJean, Malign.

Even with everything that is going on I figured I'd be OK with school but it's not turning out that way it seems. I guess it's also easier for the horrible grade to stick out when you don't usually do that badly. Too much going on right now for anything to really make sense.

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Is there something specific going on with History?

I had a rough year, my senior year in high school. In fact, I barely graduated, because my grades (in AP English, of all subjects) were fails the whole year. I refused to write papers. I saw later that I was just so depressed, and writing took the most ... spiritual energy? I just couldn't see what the point was.

What it comes down to is, "This too shall pass."

The trick is to take care of yourself in the meantime.

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