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I got my kitty today!!



I hope everyone is having a good weekend and enjoying themselves, it seems as though the weekends go by too quickly.

So I had been blogging about getting a kitty, and finally got her today! She is so sweet, and very lovable. I really think having this cat is going to make me much less lonely, and keep me from missing home so much.

My weekend has actually been great! I babysat on Friday and Saturday, but went to the movies Friday night with S and a few friends. Then last night I went to S' after babysitting. We grilled out next to the pool with a couple friends, and had a few drinks. It was a really nice night.

So S is going to be 30 on the 1st of March! I want to have a nice party for him, so I'm going to start trying to plan out something with one of his friends. I want to do something nice with just a few people. He's requested I make him another carrot cake this year (I made him one for his birthday last year, and he absolutely loved it. I had one piece and he ate the rest of the cake within like.. 3 days! hahaha.) I'm thinking maybe at a Dave and Busters or something might be fun. I'm not sure what to get him either! I don't have much time left... lol. I'll figure it out.

I'm going to post some pictures of the kitty, I still need a name for her!


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