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DIY, and other things. 02/13/2012



Hi everyone!

So, I'm really into doing DIY things, and lately I've been looking at a lot of different projects, hoping I can get around to doing some of them!

Today I found a project for turning your bar soap into actual body wash. I decided I was going to do this, because I have a ton of dove bar soap that my grandma bought me before I moved into my new apartment. I thought I'd share the process with you all in case someone wanted to do it themselves! :(

* 2-3 bars of soap. Grated.

* If using 2 bars of soap, add 2 3/4 cups of water. If using 3 bars of soap, add 5 cups of water.

* Put the water in a large pot, and add soap. Cook on medium heat until all soap is melted. Then put in container and let cool. The soap will get thicker as it cools.

This is so much cheaper than buying a $6.50 bottle of body wash!

Enjoy. :)


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I can't cook food, and you want me to cook soap? :-)

{Though my biochemistry background from college would add the suggestion not to heat it too strongly, or the soap will break down ... Those who can't do and can't teach just give advice.}

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It was a pretty easy process, Malign. I'm pretty sure even you could do it. :)

You're right though! You can't cook it on too high of heat. I took mine out of the fridge this morning, and it's perfect consistency! I'm very happy with it. :)

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