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Do you ever wonder? 02/15/2012



Do you ever lay down, and wonder how different your life could have been if you did even the smallest thing differently? I do this all the time. I guess that's why time travel wouldn't work even if it were possible.

There are so many different paths you can take in life the ones you choose effect everything. It's strange to think about, if you REALLY think about it...


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i completely agree with that. though i suppose it might work if you could go back as a spectator. there are a few times i wouldnt mind revisiting. like the end of summer 2005 to late winter 2006. the happiest time of my life. that would really show how the smallest things affect the world in a big way. i suppose the closest we will ever come to time travel would be a simulation huh? go back and see the events and if you want see what could have happened had you done things differently. just a thought. what do you think?

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Darkness: I think you're absolutely right. I would really like to go back and see how things could have been. What would have happened if I didn't meet just ONE person I'm friends with. How would my life had changed? It's so strange to think about.

Malign: Less anxiety is always best! I can't help but cause it though... :(

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Okay my 2 cents is kinda windy.

I think that part of us does time travel and take every possible path. Call it our sub-conscious. Some are more active some are more communicative some are more observant. We have what we call premonitions and de javu but it's really just sub-conscious suppositions. Think about it.

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