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I haven't posted in a few days... Probably because I'm generally feeling happy.

S' birthday was on the 1st. We had a nice cook out near the pool with some friends and stuff. It was fun. :(

He had an interview with a company for an internship that day, so I decided to go to his apartment and fill his entire room with balloons, hang up a home made birthday banner, and put a gift basket I put together on his bed for him to come home to. He was very surprised when he got home, and loved it! It was a good day.

He's been working on his senior design robot which will be going to competition on the 17th (thankfully), and then we can resume normal life again.

I hope everyone else is doing well!

Oh! I made his this awesome carrot cake too. It was delicious.


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Lolol, you're right! I spend the night there last night and he still has the stupid balloons covering his room! I told him it was time to get rid of a few because I can't go to the bathroom without the balloons following me.. haha. He said he likes them, and he's not getting rid of any! Ugh, figures my surprise would back-fire.. lol. At least he liked them!

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