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Snort Spews



Anyone acquainted with the comic strip "Tank McNamara" recognizes that immortal quotation. It's ex-football player Tank, on his first day in television sports reporting, attempting to say "Sports News" on the air while nervous.

So, in other news ...

My ex just filed a motion, attached somehow to her appeal of the financial decision in our recently completed divorce case, requesting that the court continue that appeal for eight months while it investigates her allegation that I'm an international hacker who has had her watched 24/7 and who helped orchestrate the traffic accident she was in recently.

You know, it's almost enough to make me wish I really did have godlike powers ...

It's my first realization that she may have become diagnosably mentally ill. Prior to this, however unpleasant she was to be around, I would not have thought that she was ill in a functional way.

Yet now, it's not just that she needs help, it's that she's not going to get it and I'm still her target. Something about making me the cause of all her problems is organizing her reality for her, and that means that she won't give it up easily.

*sigh* about sums it up ...


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Mark, this must be so distressful for you. I'm sorry she keeps targeting you. :) Maybe she is not able to let go? You have a good heart and you know this. Sorry you're going through this. It sounds sucky. :) I hope this situation settles down soon.

Take care of yourself.

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With her allegations being so obviously over the top on the delusional paranoia scale, i would think you would be able to petition the court for a psychiatric evaluation. to do so may improve the quality of both of your lives.

and what kind of kook does she have for a lawyer? wtf.

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Good heavens, benign! She's lost the plot! Offer to let the court look in your email outbox and ask her to prove her allegations.

It would be funny if it wasn't so vindictive. And it couldn't be further from the truth...

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Tank McNamara?! What's that? .....Is that in one of those things...ohhh...what are they called?...with the kid on a bike....elastic....NEWSPAPER!

Yah...newspapers! Do they still have those?

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I'm not sure about petitioning the court for an evaluation. I'll ask my lawyer about it, but I think that's more for criminal trials, and then only for the defendant.

As for the kook she has as a lawyer, I have to wonder whether you're kidding, Jai: I've mentioned elsewhere that she's been representing herself throughout. You know the old saying, that someone who represents themselves has an idiot for a lawyer and a fool for a client? ;-)

She has not only lost the plot, but now that I'm looking back, it seems that she's been farming without a tractor for a while now. {Sue me: I made it up. You know what I mean.} :-)

And for the pressed-wood-pulp-impaired, they also carry comic strips online, now. I don't get a 'paper at home, myself, so I go to Yahoo and look at them there.

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This has proven that truth is stranger than fiction! I can't stop shaking my head in disbelief. I can't imagine how you're feeling with yet another delay.

I think you should write a novel about this and then a movie ;p

I'm so sorry you have to deal with this, Mark. Yup, I've heard about the Morris worm, but not a Malign worm :)

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Well, the actual delay that she's requesting hasn't happened yet, and I doubt the court will grant it.

I'm getting a weird image of a referee saying, "Timeout! Illegal paranoid downfield!" I should really cut down on hallucinogens.

But I suspect it's characteristic of my worldview that I think we should all play ourselves in the movie of our lives ... and everyone else should play themselves, and so on. Special effects to make me look younger and more handsome, optional.

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"Farming without a tractor"...that made me smile. :)

Sorry you're dealing with psycho ex issues, Mark. However, this new issue is so over the top that -- as you point out -- I can't imagine a court actually taking the bait and granting the motion.

Good luck...

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