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Luke Skywalker was training one day with Master Yoda when the latter gave a deep loud sigh.

Luke: "What is the matter, Master? Did you feel a disturbance in the Force?"

Yoda, irritably: "Judge me by my sighs, do you?"

Okay, now that I have you in a mood of heartfelt gratitude, because the joke is over, I have another one. Apparently, I won the appeal that my ex filed against the financial award in our divorce, and the whole insane motion recounted in my last blog entry was dismissed without further comment. They even awarded me unspecified legal fees for the appeal, so we have to go back to the local court for that.

So, in a way, this is great news, and everything I had hoped for. But the punchline is that I'm stuck wondering what she'll do next ...


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Congratulations! At least the Force of justice isn’t insane like your ex. Doesn’t it seem a little like no matter what she does, the chance that it will have much impact on you is getting smaller and smaller?

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Hey Big bro!!!

Just popping by to say Hi :P

Glad things are moving forward for you:)

(hmmm, dont know how to get onto my own blog - any ideas???, OLD AGE and insanity has finally gotten ther better of me :P)

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Heyyyyy, Sue!

It's great to see you!! :-)

Sweety, take a look at some of Beth's recent posts (Announcements or Lounge or wherever she put them.) We had to disable the blogs of anyone who wanted theirs private, because the conversion didn't copy that setting. Let one of us know, then we'll enable the blog so that you can quickly go in and set it to "friends only" or whatever you want. Also, everyone's PM mailbox came over full of old messages, so you need to go in there to delete them all before you can get more. Growing pains, but at least we survived the transition.

In other news, the ex appealed the decision to the Virginia State Supreme Court, which is just laughable.

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Sue. :) I'll email you step by step directions about how to set your blog and delete your PMs so you can send and receive messages. I tried pm-ing you earlier but couldn't. That means your box is full. So delete those first and then we can get you set up. Let's wait until we're online together to enable your blog so I can walk you through how to set your privacy.

Seriously, Mark? That sucks. I hope you're okay.

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