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Shadow II



I think I've figured out the shadow is the devil on my shoulder. A really intense, persuasive devil, but also my sense of self preservation. So the shadow is who gets me to stand up for myself when I've run out of other cheeks to turn. He gets me to take my meds when it would be easier to stop taking them and let depression take me where it may, but he also represents the urge to self medicate as the pills the doctor gave only get one so far.

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Damn, that's good! I had a devil on my shoulder, too, several years ago until a crisis occurred and he jumped into the column of my "chakras" and went up and down, up and down, until he's finally accepted and kind of integrated.

Keep it up! Yeah! the devil IS our self-preservation instinct/action-system. Doesn't work with other people -- so that's to our harm, when other people don't like that. Love for other people -- it is real, too. Just not the same action system as the devil.

Yeah, Ralph! Hope this helps. Maybe the strangeness in my psyche is not entirely unique. Or maybe it is. Anyway, thanks for posting.

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