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Long Overdue



So yes, I've once again said it all in the title: this blog update is long overdue.

However, the problem is that I could either deal in trifles, because really, not much has changed about external things like the divorce, or rather the post-divorce appeals, or I could delve deeply into labyrinths of my psyche (two Greek words that, taken together, probably mean that I won't.)

For one thing, there isn't enough time tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

How's that for a teaser? ;-)


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I suppose I'd enjoy the trifles as well as the "walkabout" in the labyrinths, so... For me, it is a good teaser ;).

(It's a strange coincidence that I learned the word "teaser" only 5 days ago! And here it is - on your blog! Funny...)

BTW, by "post-divorce appeals", did you mean "appeal" as a challenge, a charm/pleasure, a demand, ...??? This is for the 2nd time today that I don't know how anglophones are able to understand each other and there's an innumerable quantity of cases when I already wondered about this. (In my mother tongue, there are also words with several (but usualy only two) different meanings, but those are so very different that it's impossible to missunderstand when you have at least a little context - the other meaning wouldn't make any sense. But here for instance; the "appeals" could be "anything" and it would fit, in case we don't know the details about your situation and feelings. But I suppose I'm the only one (?) here who didn't get the right meaning. Sometime anglophones seem to me like "kind of mind-readers" :)!)

P.S.: I edited this text, so, please, read it here, not just in your e-mail inbox :)

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In my case, unfortunately, I used "appeals" in the legal sense, as described in my past couple of blog entries. My ex-wife has appealed to higher courts in an attempt to change the parts of the financial settlement imposed by the divorce court that she doesn't like. In the last instance, she asked the state Supreme Court to look at it; I think the next higher option is the U.S. Supreme Court. Which is hilarious, because they don't care about a single divorce. But that's only because they are not aware that the whole world revolves around her. ;-)

Don't forget, LaLa, that you're also dealing with American English slang ... It's not really what's in the dictionary. It's a moving target, like the national debt or gas prices. :-)

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But that's only because they are not aware that the whole world revolves around her. ;-)

:D (What i pity that it's not only funny but also (in the context / implicitly) sad... :( )

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