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Reflection on Psalm 23



I wrote this to someone today, regarding what I learned from the period of my life when I was routinely suicidal, and I thought it would fit into this blog thing. I was a bit surprised at the intensity both of the experience and of my explanation. I think it's possible that at some point I had a kind of religious experience without even realizing it, consciously at least.

I was at a funeral service recently, and they read the 23rd Psalm.

There is something very real for me about the phrase "the Valley of the Shadow of Death", whether one senses a shepherd there or not. There is something I love deeply, though I have no information about whether it's inside me or everywhere or other metaphysical bullshit, but there is something I love deeply, that led me out of that valley.

I wasn't able to finish reading the psalm with them, because I was crying.


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You're one of the people I thought might, Kent.

Note the brevity of this entry. Some things, you run out of words. Those who've been there don't need them, and those who haven't, you could talk yourself blue ...

Yet still I have a faculty that insists that I speak it.

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....there is something I love deeply, that led me out of that valley.

It's powerful.

I feel at a loss for words lately.

I'm grateful for my friends, for walks out of that valley, for lights that shine on...

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