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Loosening Up



Let go!

You don't run this show.

Some things maybe you can guess

But most we'll never get to know.

Like dust

Blown on a wind gust,

Or poll'n hoping for a flow'r,

We're doom'd to fly where'er we must.

To fly

Freely through the sky

Means giving up our grip on Earth

Knowing that either way we die.

And see?

It's not hard to be

Relax'd when you no longer feel

That you need control to be free.

Wow, I chose a difficult (and awkward) form ... It's just how it came out.


Recommended Comments

I never will understand iambic pentameter. I can hear it, but I can't write it too well.

Giving up control. That one is hard...

How long does it take you to write? Poems can sometimes take me hours. I love writing descriptive stuff and bringing scenes to life.

Thanks for sharing. :-)

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Well, it's always been too difficult for me to get a consistent rhythm, on top of rhyme and syllable count. So generally I don't do it (or fail at it), as seen above. Or I drop one or more of the others; most of the poems I've written that I consider successful have been fairly prose-like.

This one came out quickly, maybe 15 minutes from the first idea (the first stanza came to me essentially as is; I worked (and possibly overworked) to get the rest into the same form.) It was more that something came to me that wanted to be a poem, than that I set out to write a poem and this came.

I find poetry so much more awkward when I have an intent, that I usually stick to prose when I have something to describe or a story in mind to tell.

The odd thing is that the thought of letting go wanted to be expressed in a constrained form.

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