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It's been a difficult ride with mr. suicide

Guessing what I can show, and what can I hide

The lost girl said she could read me

The wise one called me inscrutable as a dragon

Too young for beauty

Too old for wisdom

Wishing for a different now

Change the past of the future

Don't catch me

There's nothing to fall on

...First attempt at freeverse. I don't consider myself a poet but I felt like experimenting with writing in code. Sometimes I think what I want to say would have a result I don't want, so I keep it shut. This becomes painful so it seeks an alternate means of expression.

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Netless on the net ...

I'm sorry you don't trust yourself to be direct, but I'm glad you give yourself permission to speak, even in code.

Even parts that want undesirable things can have a voice; it's giving them actions that causes problems.

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