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An Interlude of Illness



Well, the New Year began well enough, but Thursday night I got pretty sick (in an "I don't want anything left in my digestive tract" kind of way), and that kept me down completely Friday and Saturday. My temperature's back to normal again, and I'm eating, so I think I'm pretty much done, now. I'm just caught up enough to come back here, though, so I thought I would let people know that I wasn't ignoring them, just ... indisposed.


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"You better take care of yourself old man ;)"

Well, they told me I better not cry and I better not pout, too, but still no fat guy in a red suit. :-P

Won't be that long before I'm 19 for the third time, so she's actually got a point, Jai. :-)

I like the description of "stomach bug"; stomach was sort of the half-way point, here: what hadn't passed the stomach went one way, the rest went the other. They could've done a colonoscopy on me on Friday (up to my tonsils, if they had enough pipe), I was so clean inside ...

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I think the reason the British never really got into a space program of their own is that they would have been forced to say "capshule" all the time ... :-)

I'm doing okay; just revolving around the Earth's axis along with everyone else, not drifting away into space (any more than anyone else is, as far as I can tell) ... Getting things situated in my new environment, trying to figure out what I'm going to do with myself when the snow stops (and until then ...) Filling out forms for my Dad's inheritance, for COBRA insurance ("your snake is safe with us"), and so on.

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Glad to hear you're snake will be safe. Phew.

So you're sure you're not drifting away? Your photo looks smaller to me.

Without your humor, I'm going to have to resort to reading Three Men in a Boat for some laughs! :D

Seriously, get your ass back here, I meant to say, I'm glad you're enjoying the snow. :D

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Alright I'll just say it...I miss you hanging around here. But, I'm very happy you're starting a new chapter in your life and that is important. So many changes have taken place for you. :-)

-- | | -- :)

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Aw. :-)

I still hang around ... just not eight hours a day any more. It will adjust, in time.

Quite often, I'm silent at times when I feel I have less to offer. Those times do come and go, so I'm not worried about it.

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Mark? Mm-aarrr-kk?

If you're stuck in the snow, turn your GPS device on, determine which way is up by spitting. Start digging the snow out from around your mouth. Stay calm and your team will find you! We will poke and prod until we see some sign of life.

Do you copy?

Mark? Mark? Mark? Yodel if you can....hmmm nothing.

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Heh. "Yodel if you can" ... sing opera if you can't yodel. I also liked the advice to turn on my GPS (I have enough trouble knowing where I am, you want me to find a GPS device before I go out in the snow?) and to spit to determine which way is up (I guess if it hits you in the face, that's up.) :-)

Are you bringing the St. Bernard with the brandy? I always thought that was a quaint custom ... If they're cold and injured, get them snockered so they don't notice.

I know it probably seems weird: here I am where I've been trying to get for a couple of years now, and I go silent. I kinda think that's part of it: I'm feeling around for the next goal. And just maybe surprised that it has worked out. I'll get over the shock, trust me. :-)

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You should ALWAYS wear a GPS device when you're in the snow. MWL-101 (Midwest Living)

I know this is a lot for you, so I did some checking and the NSA can locate you WITHOUT having your GPS turned on. Feel better?

No, no St. Bernard with brandy. Beagles with brandy. Look the brandy is to give to the dog so they mark their way to you and can find the way back.

Ok, so you're looking for the next goal. Whatever. :-) If you were around, you'd understand that. But, nevermind.

I trust you'll get over the shock, some would call it bliss, that you find yourself feeling, yes feelings :/

Fine, take your time, but I'm not sure I can adjust to your silence.

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I was wondering whether my waistline had increased to the point that I showed up on satellite. ;-)

We did a thing once, attempting to navigate an aircraft over a fixed course by GPS. It was accurate to 3 meters, so good enough for government work in the air, but you didn't want to land with it. It's an interesting problem, determining the shape of the Earth to high enough accuracy that you can navigate by computer alone.

So, you expect to find me under the patch of yellow? Ew! I'd rather be lost. :-P

Well, absolute silence isn't actually a requirement of my current process (as you can see); I guess I just haven't known what to say. Yes, as if that had ever stopped me. :-P

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You didn't say absolute silence. But, not knowing what to say hasn't stopped you before and we like that. Actually we never noticed. A-hem.

I was thinking once you're done with the snow shovel, you'll pick up the garden shovel and before you know it the yard rake in autumn.

You may find this goal, you thought you wanted, was more a distraction from what you didn't want and it's not what you want anylonger. It's something I would applaud, actually. But, that's me.

Isn't that aircraft called a drone :P Interesting work you did.

I read about an unmanned solar aircraft that could stay airborne for 5 yrs, acting like a satellite. Solar aviation is still in its infancy, but it's getting better. In my lifetime, I might never see large passenger airplanes being solar powered, but there's all kinds of other cool stuff that being done with this technology.

It's been great having your input in the boards, and here, and just know, if you need help finding your way, we will look for you in every snow bank, yellow or not. But, it is fun being lost for a bit, isn't it :-)

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I'm pleased to hear it has (all?) worked out :-).

I've missed you here a bit, but knowing the reasons why you haven't posted so much, it's a rather pleasant missing, so to say ;-).

Do you already have a new job, too? Or isn't that one of the next goals?

Enjoy the shock ;-P!

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