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Doing not so smart things at work. tap in the back of the head



Argh, so there it is for you my friends. I feel regrets, regrets, and huhg, anxiety.

So, in an effort of being accepted by my all guys co-worker, that get beers, hum 'almost' after work, onece the foreman is gone [he works shorter days, for 5 days, instead of 4 longer days like the rest of the crew], yesterday, for my final day of week one, I offered to go get the beers. Bad, bad, bad! On the clock, yes that's right:eek:. AND, we are not supposed to drink at work! Hum , so much for saying I would not do something unethical at work. Bam! first week! gawd. wrong! do not pass go, do not get a hundred dollars. Go straight to jail [hum this refers to the board game monopoly if I'd lost you here].

Well, it wouldn't be so bad if it was just that, but, when I was at the liquor store, I am pretty sure a fellow co-worker who works on another site saw me :eek:

Caught in the act! Now I am fighting haaaaaaard not to let my old thoughts get the best of me. I have this one that is: "well, because you were so proud and happy about getting a job, now the universe is going to take you back where you belong...in misery moohahaha". Second thought that comes to mind is: "well, look at you, this happens to you because you always make the wrong descisions, slap, re-slap in the back of the head".

Well, I guess we'll see on Monday. Trying hard to enjoy my weekend. Feeling regret, yes. Learning from mistakes? Big time...

Deep breaths




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awww, tour, enjoy your weekend, I'm sure it's fine, but listen whether you're miserable this weekend, or you enjoy it, what's done is done, and do you really think this guy'll rat you out? You had every right to be proud and happy to get the job, and you certainly don't belong in misery! We all make mistakes, and I'm sure you've made many right decisions, such as the ones that landed you the job in the first place. I know how you feel though, it's so easy to tell you not to worry about it but I know you will worry anyway. But I'm sure Monday after work you'll be on here telling us how everything was fine. Wanting to fit in and be accepted, yup, that can make anyone do something they wouldn't norrmally do, it stinks! But you do deserve to be happy, and you deserve your job, and I'm sure you're good at it,so try to have a nice weekend and enjoy the weather!

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Leave your head alone.

Even if it turns out to be a mistake, you don't need to hit yourself, even figuratively.

Wouldn't the co-worker be in just as much trouble, seeing you at the liquor store?

So, think of it as an attitude adjustment. If the possibility of losing the job is more important than "being accepted", you'll do something different next time. I bet the reason no one else went for beer is that they're afraid of the same thing. "Make the new guy/girl get it." Sounds more like an initiation to me.

And by the way: "moohahaha"? Sounds like La Vache Qui Rit. :-)

Deep breaths, yes. Or laughter.

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Thank you guys,

Yeah. Well, I don't think he's in trouble as his day finished before mine... Rat me out? We'll see. Possibility of losing the job bigger than being accepted? Well, should have thought of that before doing this! ArgH! And, amusingly, the 'dude' who normally goes and get the beer never seen anyone of the company at the liquor store. I am the lucky girl who gets to find out about rating, and feeling dishonest all in one package! Ah!

On being accepted. It has been an issue for me in this type of work as being accepted [i guess I feel this way], helps in getting support from co-worker, meaning if you are 'friends' with the guys who do more qualified and interesting work, you are called to help them with this work and practice new skills. But, I don't think this was the right course of action. How do I still do my work while they may 'slack off', without making them feel uncomfortable or worried I am going to be goody two shoes and rat them off or whatever... Socialize with them... Balance... More mysteries to uncover.

La vache qui rit? wow, I hadn't thought of that one. Now makes me want to have cheese!

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Okay, ruining your diet is another way to cope. :-P

(Get it, "moohahaha" ... The Laughing Cow ... I think I need a translater.)

I know it's hard, fitting in to a new group, and probably harder as a woman among men. Does it help if I tell you I don't know how to do it, as a man among men? See, I'm the short geeky one who laughs at his own jokes. This is not the usual definition of 'cool'.

But, maybe for that exact reason, I tend to stick to people who stand up for what they believe in, who do their job, no more and no less, in other words, people like I think you are. If you slipped, just get up and go on. That way, you gain their respect by recovering your own. Which is more important, in the first place.

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Yep. hear ya 5 by 5 on that. In my old work at the office, I never did things like that, was always the one at my desk, working, not taking long personal calls, underestimating time spent on job not to appear overworking, taking overtime quite a bit, not taking those long 'executive' breaks [well, I guess no one did at the last office I worked at, except for the 'boss'-y office manager who I guess 'could'], etc... but now I guess I've spin in the entire opposite direction haven't I? Well, not fully, but I have revised my views on what's acceptable. As I've realized that being overly on the ball didn't do anything for me as I looked how the others who actually were more lenient and socialized more got promoted [i am pretty confident it wasn't for their skills!!! seriously and honestly]. But with the recent mistake, I am discovering that this is uncomfortable for me. It is too much. Jumping off the brigde because allll the other guys do isn't my bag either.

Standing up for oneself? Well I have done that as well, in the old work I left...[...] It didn't get me much more than being called 'ballsy' by the big boss. After stating my cause, and not getting anywhere with it at that work, I left. I don't know, maybe that's not standing up for what I believe in in the right way...

At any rate, I do still believe I am a good worker regardless of this mishap. Hopefully I will recognize in the future the same wall in a new paint job, when such a dilemma comes along again.

BTW, I did get what you were talking about with the cow! No translator required. I am good to you like that ;)

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"Jumping off the bridge ..."

Yeah, we're back to balance.

And your own respect. I guess he meant 'ballsy' as a compliment, but you have to feel it, not him.

You are good to me. I just didn't hear the rimshot on that one.

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