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A Little Something Inspired by an Airplane Ride



We were away for a few days, visiting family, but we're back now. I wrote this in the plane home:

Good Head and Shoulders

When the world falls away,

the ride can get bumpy.

But once you're up there,

the sky's always clear.

The trick to the future

is it's made up of presents:

don't worry about this one;

the next one is here.

One step at a time

is the only way forward.

You only die once;

there's nothing to fear.


Recommended Comments

I can't rhyme

Worth a dime.

That's not a crime,

Or at least I don't think so. :-P

I used to get very caught up in rhyme schemes and meter, because those were quantifiable, left brain-accessible attributes of a poem. But I couldn't write worth a damn when I tried it that way. So I quit that, and simply tried to keep a regular beat, and I did rhyme the last line of each stanza. Free Verse! Viva la RevoluciĆ³n! :-)

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