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It's scary how everything can change so quickly...sometimes I wish things would just stay the same---I feel like life is passing me out:(:):(


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How are you, Invisible? A great deal of things happen everyday, and it can be uncomfortable when these happenings begin affecting one's day-to-day activities. Would you like to share these changes you see with us?

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Hi Kaudio,

I'm ok, i think..I just feel like I'm drifting apart from a lot of people at the moment and sometimes I get weird vibes that people don't like me even though it mightn't be true. It seems like everyone's in twosomes except me. I'm on my own. I'm probably just being paranoid..I feel lonely a lot of the time and as if I'm not worth anyone's attention. That's why noone pays attention to me.

I'm sad because my course is coming to an end and in the fall I'll be starting in a new college without all of the friends I made this year..It's gonna be scary not knowing anyone. It will be my first time living away from home aswel but I'm kinda happy about that part.. ;)

I don't feel as if I'm changing much atall - I studying art in college but I don't even know what career I want.. but everyone and everything around me seems to be evolving and leaving me behind. Everyone else knows what they want from life.

I'm probably not making sense, it's hard to explain:rolleyes:

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I see. Recently I wrote a post in response to Ra_chel who seems to be in a similar situation as yours. Of course, I do not wish to suggest that this is certainly the case, but I want to point out that there will be a great deal of change attached to “adulthood” and university life. Young people have a great deal of expectations attached to the age of majority, the idea of adulthood, and university. It is important to remember that all of your insecurities and concerns are also shared by your peers. As a result, friendships may change for a varying reasons, many of which you probably are not responsible for.

My advice to Ra_chel, and to you, is to continue seeking out friendships in order to make and keep friends because once you stop looking for friends, new friends will not just appear. Further, without new friends, one cannot expect to find those wonderful life-long friends to share things with. Just keep trying!

Your concern that you have not decided what to do with your life is perfectly normal. But, as mentioned above, this concern is probably exacerbated by your expectations of university. Your peers are also exploring their options, and some who begin one program may easily switch to another. Also, just because you enrol in one program does not mean your life is set in stone. By receiving accreditations from a university, those pieces of paper say that you have the skills to do a particular activity. It does not say this is who you are and this is what you are all about. People easily go back to take other programs of varying duration when they realize they wish to pursue another career path or when they realize they need a few more skills to continue down their career path.

So, on a philosophical note, remember that other people can easily become mirrors to your own self. For instance, if one treats everyone as an enemy, the hostility of this person will cause others to respond. This person will see everyone as an enemy because he treats everyone like an enemy, and everyone responds in kind. In this case, your legitimate concern as to what program you should pursue led you to assume that others already know what program to take, and that they know what to do with the rest of their lives. Yet, if this is not true for you, why must it be true for them?

Have fun! Drop into classes you are vaguely interested in to see if you want to take them, drop the classes where you do not like the professor, visit some student associations for specific faculties and get the dirt on specific classes.

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