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Sunday 26th August



Nearly end of August and soon in September. September the 10th I.be 

Going to see The nun. Part of the conjuring universe. Also Friends 

Will be returning on September 3rd on Ch5 

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I definitely want to see that, I love that universe. Insidious 3 wasn't great, but The Last Key was pretty good. I loved The Conjuring's and I thought the Annabelle's were good too. I'm hoping this one is gonna be real freaky like the first Conjuring. I don't go to the cinema often, just to see anything scary that takes my fancy and Star Wars at Christmas with my kid (although the last two Star Wars were fucking dreadful) as part of a tradition. Last film I went to see was A Quiet Place. It. Was. Shit. but people are going mad for it, it's crazy. The opening scene niggled at me the whole movie. I don't let my kids walk that far away from me in this world. But the fact that he let his kid dawdle behind him in a post apocalyptic nightmare with monsters that snatch you up if you so much as sneeze just boggles the fucking mind. Shit writing. I whined about it the whole movie to my mate who was kind of enjoying it haha. 

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